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Memory Care
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Memory Care

Is Memory Care right for my loved one?

What you need from a community specializing in Memory Care depends on your own unique situation but it is extremely important to ensure that your loved one is safe and secure in their environment. Some questions to consider when deciding if this long-term placement is right for you or your loved one include:

  • Have there been any accidents with appliances such as forgetting to turn the stove off?
  • If there is a fire, do you feel your loved one would call 911 and leave the premises immediately?
  • Has he or she become suspicious of others, of his/her medication, or of eating certain foods?
  • Has your loved one inadvertently under- or over-medicated himself or herself due to not taking medications on schedule?
  • Has your loved one gotten lost while on a usual errand or a walk near his/her home?
  • As the caregiver, is your health at risk? Are you missing a lot of work or are unable to manage other responsibilities?

Memory Care units provide a safe and secure environment for loved ones affected by Alzheimer's or other various forms of dementia that can impair memory and cognitive abilities.
Although many are able to care for someone suffering from Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia at home, it may come to a point in the disease process that makes home care unmanageable.

Assisted Living communities with a Memory Care unit are designed with their residents in mind. Entire wings or even buildings may be designated for individuals suffering from memory impairment and they often provide different levels of supervision and security. These communities are staffed with caregivers who are trained and accustomed to the impulsivity and reduced safety awareness exhibited by many who suffer from cognitive impairments.

Many Memory Care centers will also offer programs designed to slow progression or alleviate symptoms associated with dementia like agitation and aggression. Sensory stimulation, cognitive therapies, and physical and occupational therapies are generally included in these types of Memory Care programs. Also, there has been a lot of positive research regarding alternative therapies such as music and art which tend to help reduce anxiety and distress. Most therapies and Memory Care programs are performed in group settings which allow for greater supervision of the residents and also provide the socialization that is needed.

Oasis Senior Advisors helps you find the "right place" that will make you or your loved one as safe and secure as possible. Contact one of our Oasis Senior Living Advisors to discuss Memory Care options today!

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